Bandeja Paisa

A sampler of the staple foods that make up Colombian cuisine. This dish originates from the Antioquia department of Colombia. Enjoy a taste of everything!


953 E Sahara Ave, E29 Las Vegas, NV 89104.

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(702)836-0815 or (702)836-0966

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Churrasco – New York Strip Steak

Our New York Strip Steaks are USDA CHOICE meats.

Our Restaurant

“With two locations in Chicago, and a third location now in Las Vegas, Brasa Roja serves the best rotisserie chicken and charbroiled steaks in the city.”


Today Specials

Made a left hand turn into Commercial Drive Plaza on Sahara Avenue and ended up in Brasa Roja little Colombia!! A delightful way to experience another cultures delicious flavors. Colombia is a term used by European and Americans to describe the "spirit of the frontier " which is termed to illustrate Manifest Destiny.

John B L. Las Vegas, NV

Fantastic place with a great special you can get all day long! Chicken or steak with rice, beans and salad! $5! And quickly prepared too! I've never had Columbian flavors and I'm not dissapointed! It's delicious. Staff is very friendly! Will be back to try everything!!!

Saudizareth E. Henderson, NV

Very good food, simple menu, but pretty diverse, you have to realize that the majority of Colombian food is meat based, so the menu is not over whelming. The don't skimp out on their portions either, I had to take my food home I was so full. The dining area is very big and can accommodate a large group if needed. There is a kitchen area, and a desert area (sweets and mixed drinks/fruit malts) are in two separate rooms. Service was excellent, and the waitresses we're very friendly. I very much recommend this place and plan on going back again soon.

Randyd G. Las Vegas, NV

This is the second time I go there since it open, staff is very friendly, large dinning area, Excellent customer service, the chicken is full of flavors, today I order a Pargo Fish it was delicious. Prices are reasonable and the portions are pretty big, you will not be disappointed . Definitely a must try !!

Angie R. Las Vegas, NV

Food is great, Reasonably priced. Waitress was very friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. We had the carne asada plate and Bandeja Paisa. Also had an arepa and empanada...very good. Shopping center/area are a bit run down but the restaurant itself is very neat and clean. Good choice for something different and inexpensive while in Vegas.

Mike H. Los Angeles, États-Unis

I went there for the first time, i liked the food but i would like more soup like ajiaco or sancocho and some other colombian dishes.

Alexandra P. Las Vegas, États-Unis

Food was GREAT. Service was GREAT. Place was spotlessly clean. Ill be back often !!!

David B. Westside, Las Vegas, États-Unis

I'm impressed with the way the chicken and empanada came out. The chicken breast is what I was worried about the most and it came out very moist. It was perfection throughout and it was perfectly seasoned. The empanada was cooked to the right amount of crispyness. It broke when you put a fork to it and didn't collapse on itself. I will be bookmarking this place just to see how well they do in the near future. Service was great as well. The amount of food you get for the price is great too.

Joseph C. Port Hueneme, États-Unis

Great new place. The chicken is so good and the value is amazing. Authentic flavors of South America. The servers are very sweet as well.

Charles R. Carolina, Porto Rico

Hours of Operation

Weekdays 9:00 am – 09:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 09:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 am – 09:00 pm


953 E Sahara Ave, E-29.

Las Vegas, NV 89104, USA
For ordering, please call (702)836-0815 or (702)836-0966

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