Jorge ‘s Dad taught him how to cook and create some of the great dishes on the menu.


“My husband was a butcher in a shop and I worked in a bank. We were well off, but my husband’s dream was to have his own restaurant,” said the entrepreneur who has three children. Jeannette and Jorge Gacharna claim to have made very good team for business.

She is dedicated to the administrative side and Jorge is the creative side in the kitchen. The result are three restaurants in 21 years, El Llano, which is owned by third generation of the family, is located at 4011 N Elston Ave, Brasa Roja, which is at 3120 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL and Brasa Roja at 3556 N. Pulaski Rd., Chicago, IL 60641”.

“The specialty in each establishment is the Colombian food and we later added to our menu rotisserie chicken.

According Jeannette Gacharna has no competition in the city. One Saturday we sold 270 chickens. Success is in the marinade prepared Jorge and it’s a closely guarded family recipe.

Currently the two restaurants employ nine people, per Jeannette Gacharna. I believe it is essential to have a positive attitude towards life”.

Rewarded Effort

I dedicate 9 to 10 hours daily at the restaurant. As a business owner, you must work harder so that everything goes well, you must know your business a hundred percent, the know-how of all business functions. In my case I care, waitress and help in the kitchen to make sure everything works out well and provide great service to the customers, “always with a smile, even if when someone is upset. To manage three restaurants , patience is needed to maintain them and stay very positive, All is possible as a couple and as business partners.

Made a left hand turn into Commercial Drive Plaza on Sahara Avenue and ended up in Brasa Roja little Colombia!! A delightful way to experience another cultures delicious flavors. Colombia is a term used by European and Americans to describe the "spirit of the frontier " which is termed to illustrate Manifest Destiny.

John B L. Las Vegas, NV

Fantastic place with a great special you can get all day long! Chicken or steak with rice, beans and salad! $5! And quickly prepared too! I've never had Columbian flavors and I'm not dissapointed! It's delicious. Staff is very friendly! Will be back to try everything!!!

Saudizareth E. Henderson, NV